Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jah Wobble - Odds & Sods & Epilogues (Book & Cd, 2013)

From the author of Memoirs of a Geezer an illustrated book and CD of his poetry, covering a diverse range of subjects, ranging from the Nature of Mind, Ancient Greece, through to Post Modernism, by way of Matter transference and the indignity of being a member of the Cockney Diaspora. The poems are thought provoking, poignant, mesmeric, uproarious and at times a bit disturbing when dystopian realms are ventured into. There are great illustrations by Richard Shields, that aptly mirror the surreal nature of Jah Wobble s idiosyncratic take on life. The musical versions of the poetry on the accompanying CD are by no means a mere add on; they take the poems into another dimension. Looks like Jah Wobble is a true Polymath, we knew he could play bass, lead bands and compose. We then found out, via Geezer that he could write prose. Looks like we can now add poetry to that list. Outstanding. Make him Poet Laureate!

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