Monday, February 25, 2013

Alice Russell - To Dust (2013)

The much loved soul and blues singer-songwriter Alice Russell releases her fifth solo album, ‘To Dust’, on 25th February 2013 via Tru Thoughts.
The first single, “Heartbreaker”, is out now, highlighting the crisp, cutting edge production and eclectic influences which nestle alongside a love of vintage soul and gospel at the core of Alice Russell’s style, a sound honed with co-writer/producer TM Juke. Ahead of the LP release Tru Thoughts will be premiering a free download of the track “Twin Peaks” w/c 28th January, and an upfront stream of “Let Go (Breakdown)” w/c 4th February, via high profile online partners. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Tortured Soul (2013)

The shining stars of contemporary soul music, Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators, re-emerge with their much anticipated album Tortured Soul on the Timmion Records label. The new album presents a new personal sound for the group, that was first heard in 2005 with their debut album Keep Reachin' Up.
Keep Reachin' Up drew praise from the media and audiences around the globe. The first single, If This Ain't Love, became a dance floor hit from New York clubs to the UK's northern soul circles. The second hit single, Feeling Free, was chosen as the Track Of The Year by the renowed music connoisseur Gilles Peterson in his Worldwide Awards in 2006. Keep Reachin' Up was also listed among the Urban Albums Of The Year by Mojo magazine.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

V/A - Record Kicks 10th (2013)

To many, Record Kicks are synonymous with the continued interest in funk and soul music. Tirelessly putting out 7” vinyl and albums from many fantastic new, contemporary acts. And now it is time for the much lauded Italian record label to celebrate their fine catalogue.
After 109 releases (of which 90 have been on vinyl), 51 international artists released, and over 43,000 7” vinyl records pressed, it’s time for Record Kicks to celebrate their 10th anniversary!
From deep funk to (northern) soul, afrobeat, dancefloor jazz and rocksteady, what you hold in your hands is a collection of Record Kicks hits filled up with many exclusive contributions that will give you the full spectrum of the sounds that Record Kicks love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gaetano Partipilo - Besides (2013)

- JazzFm [Album of the week]
With this new project, just published by Schema Records, Gaetano showcases the other side of his artistic personality. It is dedicated to the music of the '60s rearranged in a modern way. The result is a warm music, refined and full of pathos.
The album opens with "Beyond the days" written by Gaetano and Alice Ricciardi. It’s a song in ¾ based on a  dreamy athmosphere. Following a Herbie Mann’s hit made famous by the great Mel Tormè: the song is "Right Now" and is sung by Mr. Natural. “Atras da porta” is hand signed by Chico Buarque and is a poignant bossa nova masterfully interpreted by Rosalia De Souza. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Till Brönner - Till Brönner (2013)

On his first instrumental album in over a decade, German jazz trumpeter/flügelhornist and pop star Till Brönner offers his own tribute to one of his earliest inspirations: the sound of Creed Taylor's CTI label. Co-produced by the artist with keyboardist Roberto Di Gioia and Samon Kawamura, these 12 tunes employ a crack studio band as well as strings, and evoke memories of the label's arrangers Don Sebesky, David Matthews, and Bob James, but with distinctly modern charts. The mood is relaxed, open, and fluid, and creativity runs high. The production is warm yet crystalline; though attention is paid to detail, nothing feels constrained by nostalgia. These 12 cuts wed hip, soulful jazz-funk grooves to modern jazz, sometimes infused with a subtly cinematic panache. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Como Mamas - Get an Understanding (2013)

There are only three instruments on this recording: The powerful, raspy voice of Ester Mae Smith, the deep soothing voice of Angela Taylor, and the energetic, spirited vocals of Della Daniels. There are no other musicians on this recording, yet the harmonies the Como Mamas create are so powerful, musical accompaniment is not missed. Recorded on a sweltering morning in the humble wood structure that is Mt. Mariah church, this record is sure to mirror that heat throughout your body and soul. Don't be fooled by the term Gospel for this record will move everyone from the pious Pastor to the staunchest atheist. The Como Mamas believe whole-heartedly that these songs have the power to help and inspire people in their everyday lives. As Della put it "We just want folks to listen and get an understanding."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mark de Clive Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Take the SpaceTrane (2013)

‘Take The Space Trane’, out 4th February, is the new album from producer, composer and musician Mark de Clive-Lowe in collaboration with the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra. Joining forces for the first time here, they deliver big orchestral jazz grooves with a nod to club productions for a modern, experimental take on the big band sound. The LP brings together bespoke compositions alongside existing cuts from across MdCL’s prolific career, plus a cover of the jazz standard, “Caravan” – all realised with traditional big band arrangements and instrumentation.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Angeline Morrison - The Feeling Sublime EP (2013)

Already familiar to fans of Freestyle Records acts Frootful and Lack Of Afro after supplying her memorable voice to tracks by both, as well as working with masters of the mellow; The Ambassadors Of Sorrow, Angeline Morrison's ability to craft subtle, yet very catchy melodies infused with folk, bossa nova, R&B and jazz rhythms and textures ensures her music sounds fresh, engaging and highly original.
Now signed to Freestyle Records as a solo artist in her own right, the music that Angeline creates has an ethereal, other worldly quality, due in no small part to the wide ranging styles and influences that inform her highly individual, quirky, song writing and vocal abilities. Stir in elements of 60s torch song style, hypnotic, exotic and eclectic melodies, and you begin to understand the myriad of musical textures Angeline blends into a homogenous soundscape.


French rap activist from ConnectiCut, Fulgeance's project, Don Da None push up lyrics to a more poetic dimension, real writen-meaning. Music around lyrics is clear, brilliantly sample-based from soul, classy jazz rarities, like if André Popp meets Baudelaire for a automnal haschich evening. Da None knows how to combine deep lyrics to a never boring electro music, that's what need french rap today.