Sunday, June 22, 2014

Toco - Memoria (2014)

Memory doesnʼt age, it always remains the same.
“Memoria” is an album about my memories, my hometown, the scent and flavours of my childhood, things Iʼve read, movies Iʼve watched at the cinema and my love for music. Itʼs about going back home, re-establishing a link with the past and recalling cheerful and happy memories.
“Memoria” refers specifically to the regions of Minais Gerais and the Brazilian northeast, its hot climate, the religiousness of the people and its faith in miracles, calling to mind images of mysterious and surreal popular tales, where time flows slowly in an intimate dimension.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Jah Wobble presents PJ Higgins - Inspiration (2014)

 During a long and varied career spanning five decades, Jah Wobble has recorded more than thirty solo albums and contributed to innumerable projects. On the route from the post punk of Public Image Limited (PiL) via dubby dance music (epitomised by Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart) to world music and ambient in all its facets, the exceptionally gifted bass player hasn't left out any genre of note in modern music.  
With "Inspiration", Jah Wobble returns to his roots, the love of his youth: reggae music. With the singer PJ Higgins, he found the perfect companion, voice and songwriter to accomplish this endeavour with flying colours – a match made in heaven. Higgins has collaborated with a host of artists over the years, lending her quirky and distinct anecdotes to many a project and recordings. Currently, she co-fronts the critically acclaimed Dub Colossus, who were winners of the Songlines Cross Cultural Collaboration 2013. The album was co-written and co-produced with Alex McGowan at his London-based Space Eko Recording Studio.  His previous collaborations include Tricky, Martina Topley Bird, Wilko Johnson and many more...  

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shandy, Will & Grruff - Island Time (2014)

New Mastersounds bassist and veteran independent music producer Pete Shand finds an outlet for his Jamaican roots with this sun-drenched pop-reggae album, a collaborative studio project recorded between Menorca (where he is now based), Yorkshire (where he hails from) and New York City (where he regularly records & performs) - an international collaboration featuring vocal performances from Brian J (Pimps of Joytime, Brooklyn), Aoife Hearty (Rodina, UK) and Kirsty Rock (Easy-Star All Stars, NYC). Perfect laid-back summer sunshine music.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nicola Conte - Free Souls (2014)

An accomplished juggler when it comes to play with styles, capable to invent modern structures, Nicola got us used to his ability to blend harmonically different musical worlds and create cooperation between great musicians. Deepness is the added value of his new album, something in between consciousness and spirituality. Nothing to share with futile trends, this record is a result of an urgent need to research in the depth of the soul and his musical influences.
The album features the talents of José James, Marvin Parks, Heidi Vogel, Melanie Charles, Tasha’s World and Bridgette Amofah, accompanied by a team of incredible jazzmen like Teppo Makynen, Magnus Lindgren, Greg Osby, Timo Lassy, Francesco Lento, Logan Richardson and Fabrizio Bosso.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Incognito - Amplified Soul (2014)

“Amplified Soul”, the 16th studio album from Incognito, consists of 16 new recordings soaked in soul, coated in jazz with more than a twist of funk and dance. Or as Bluey puts it: “This is a labour of love, a gift to those who have supported us over the years”.
Recorded and mixed at the legendary Livingston Studio in North London where The Buena Vista Social Club‘s eponymous multimillion selling first album was mixed and also Björk‘s 1993 debut album recorded and mixed, this album features singers Tony Momrelle, Vanessa Haynes and new addition Katie Leone who provide some of the best vocal performances ever recorded by the band. They are joined by legendary singer songwriter Carleen Anderson and Connecticut born funkstress Deborah Bond and the return one of the Incognito fans favourite Imaani, with the addition of a totally fresh voice on the scene in the form of the soulful 22 year old Australian debutant Chiara Hunter.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cookin' on 3 Burners - Blind Bet (2014)

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since Cookin On 3 Burners released 'Soul Messin' the incredible album that included their massive crossover smash single 'This Girl', of which the vinyl 45 ended up being one of those records that was changing hands for crazy prices among the record collecting cognoscenti.
The long wait has certainly been worth it, as Blind Bet not only ticks all the boxes you would expect from the band (the best in contemporary soul-jazz, funk and amazing production) but the musical textures they create are more varied and eclectic than ever before. The album opens with the minimalist, crisp funk of Skeletor, which is promptly followed by Flat On My Back featuring Tex Perkins on vocals, which is an excursion into swampy blues territory with more than a hint of Tom Waits' gritty delivery.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Impellers - My Certainty (2014)

My Certainty” is the third album by The Impellers. With their previous releases “Robot Legs /Freestyle) and “This Is Not A Drill” /Légère/Mocambo) the band from Brighton have established themselves as a tight and authentic raw funk unit. With “My Certainty” the band - featuring vocalist Clair Witcher and composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Glenn Fallows - explore fresh territory. “We wanted this album to be different to other material we’ve produced, but still keeping the big and heavy sound which people have liked about us. There’s a couple of reasons why we hope this album will surprise people,” Clair Witcher explains.