Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shandy, Will & Grruff - Island Time (2014)

New Mastersounds bassist and veteran independent music producer Pete Shand finds an outlet for his Jamaican roots with this sun-drenched pop-reggae album, a collaborative studio project recorded between Menorca (where he is now based), Yorkshire (where he hails from) and New York City (where he regularly records & performs) - an international collaboration featuring vocal performances from Brian J (Pimps of Joytime, Brooklyn), Aoife Hearty (Rodina, UK) and Kirsty Rock (Easy-Star All Stars, NYC). Perfect laid-back summer sunshine music.

Pete explains how the album came about:

"Since I relocated to the island of Menorca some seven years ago, the ambience and cool Balearic pace has been a constant inspiration, so it wasn't too long before it started to be reflected in my music. The formation of SWG as a music-making team occurred quite naturally, with William Woodlock - the musician/producer responsible for introducing me to the island - and Gareth Colley, my long time production partner in UK. Having set out just to have fun and make beats in the sun, as an album began to take shape we consciously decided on a feel-good vibe: holiday music; nothing too challenging or intense. To keep the good times rolling we have featured vocals from our very talented friends on both sides of the Atlantic - respect! We hope you enjoy having our soundtrack in your lives."

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