Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jaga Jazzist Live With The Britten Sinfonia (2013)

Yes, yes, we know what you're thinking. It's a live album, and when are those ever very exciting? But just remember that they really can be, and trust us when we say that this one really, truly is. Like a modern day Live at Leeds, like the benevolent, neon twin of Live Evil, Jaga Jazzist's wondrous new record is just that; a brilliant album on its own terms. It's a psychedelic Bond soundtrack twisting and turning from the stage, propelling the listener forward on an epic emotional voyage. At times it seems to explode from the speakers in pure, exuberant colour, making you wonder if you've recently developed synesthesia. It moves with unrestrained ease from quiet reflection to cinematic, widescreen thunder, from Sound of Music pastoral joy to pulsing jazz chase sequences… and it makes you wonder why more of the music you hear isn't quite so completely affecting.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dusty - Mood Matters (2013)

“Mood Matters“ is a defining illustration of Dusty’s musical world. With open eyes and ears, in combination with an insatiable appetite for collaboration and experimention, he has constantly straddles the fine line between tradition and modernity. Several years after his successful debut album „Keep It Raw,“ the Jazz&Milk label founder hits home with this beautiful record, one that highlights how subtle and talented a producer and musician he is. „Mood Matters“ proves that an album need not simply commit itself to a genre or two; and in the process ups the ante considerably by featuring a broad spectrum of musical styles, bringing together Dusty’s favourite leanings such as Jazz, Funk, Soul, Afrobeat, Latin, percussive Beats and Deep House rhythms, while seeking a natural balance between accoustic, electronic and traditional sounds through the prism of a club-music oriented approach.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jamie Cullum - Momentum (2013)

Britain's Jamie Cullum's sixth studio album, 2013's Momentum, finds the jazz-influenced singer/songwriter flexing his creative muscles on a stylistically varied set. Working with a variety of instruments from vintage keyboards to electronic samples and beats, Cullum clearly used this project to expand his sonic palette. Which isn't to say that the singer has completely abandoned his usual vocals-and-piano format. On the contrary, most of the songs here are still rooted in Cullum singing and accompanying himself on piano, with key instrumental flourishes and studio reworkings added as a means of highlighting his vocal melodies, most of which he wrote himself. Cullum displays his considerable gift for pop songcraft with particular skill on such songs as the bombastic "Edge of Something," the torchy '60s soul dance number "When I Get Famous," and the introspective, folk-inflected composition "Get a Hold of Yourself." 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

S-Tone Inc. - Lost & Found (2013)

Lost & Found, is the sixth album by S-Tone Inc., four years after the previous “Moon In Libra”.

As the title suggests, S-Tone Inc takes us into a journey through a collection of new and old unreleased tracks, part of whom were produced during the last ten years and for several reasons were not included in the previous releases. 
Now, the "lost" tracks have been "found" and surprisingly still sound fresh and capture the real spirit of the best S-Tone Inc. productions. 
The new tracks show a new direction, more moody and intense. These songs are the output of the sound exploration carried on by Stefano Tirone during the last two years, an exploration that brought him close to nw genres such as ambient rock and acoustic soul. 

Jesse Futerman - Exquisite Basement (2013)

Jus LikeMusic Records present the third and final part of Jesse Futerman's free EP trilogy on the label in the form of; Exquisite Basement.

Following on from Super Basement and Fuse The Witches, the new EP, Exquisite Basement exudes a grown sound from Jesse Futerman. Commencing with the house-like 'Trouble Man' - a glimpse into his more uptempo material - the EP showcases that typical Futerman dusty, jazz breaks soulful sound, but with more body and soul than ever before.

    In his own words; "Exquisite Basement marks the final chapter in my free EP trilogy on Jus Like Music Records. Everything you hear, with the exception of Jon Foster's drums on the last song, is 100% samples - whether it be film, music or even some clips from old sci fi radio shows. Exquisite Basement marks not only the end of my free EPs, but also the end of my '100% downtempo' output. Look out for 'The Love I Lost' EP on Jus Like Music Records late 2013 on vinyl as it will showcase my new more 'uptempo' productions, as well continuing a similar downtempo style which is present on this ep. I hope you enjoy it."