Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quasimode - Soul Delivery (2013)

A totally great live set from Quasimode – and one that really returns the combo to the core brilliance of their first few records from Japan! The setting is completely unfurled and unbridled – the main quartet soaring away in a fast flurry of piano, bass, and percussion – always with a modal groove, and handled with plenty of soul – and topped throughout with tight horns from the Brassmode quartet – whose tenor and trumpet lines are especially nice, and really help deepen the soul of the music! There's only a bit of keyboards to bring in some slight electricity – but overall, things are mostly acoustic, very jazzy, and played live – with energy that even tops the group's recent studio albums. Two tracks feature vocals – and titles include "Febre Samba", "Another Sky", "The Man From Nagpur", "All Is One", "Relight My Fire", "El Paso Twist", and "Give It Up Or Turn It Loose".  

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