Friday, March 1, 2013

Angeline Morrison - Are you ready cat? (2013)

We had already tasted a sample of Angeline's talents a couple of a weeks back when her ep "The Feeling Sublime" played on endless repeat right here @ Twisted headquarters. Now Freestyle's finest returns with a full album and the result is, well, as expected a stellar mixof bossa, RNB, jazz, hip hop, exotica all wrapped up in her unique way. 
Opening track, The Looking Dance, sets the mood, and places itself somewhere between the folky jazz of Ben Sidran and the jazzy folk of acts like Pentangle - a beautiful, memorable melody is augmented with brushed drums, flute and shimmering harp. In contrast, the title track, Are You Ready Cat?, is a toe tapping, 60s style pop-soul groover with swinging strings, sax and some indispensable glockenspiel!

The album, Are You Ready Cat?, spans the sounds of built up lush, exotic, hip bossa nova numbers that transport the listener to somewhere very south of the equator, akin to the sounds of Stan Getz/Astrud Gilberto recordings of the early 60s, as well as ethereal folk-jazz sounds. It also contains touching and introspective elements that drip heartache and pathos, which illustrates the many moods and textures Angeline has mastery of.
The album also features Slowtime - a collaboration with Angeline's long-time musical partner Nick Radford aka Frootful - which begins with stunning strings which swell and ebb away before Nick's guitar picks out the subtle rhythm as Angeline's voice caresses and strokes the wonderful touching melody.

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