Monday, September 12, 2011

Electric Band Marzipan - Clocks On Fire ep

Super chill instrumental hip hop, featuring jazz, funk, soul, and even disco influences! ELECTRIC BAND MARZIPAN unleash their eclectic mix of funky tunes to the world 4 FREE! Check out their website to download all three albums they've released this year (Clocks On Fire ep, Hot Surfaces, Simple Apples May Provide Lean Edible Sauce).

Coming out of nowhere and immediately dropping two LPs, Simple Apples May Provide Lean Edible Sauce in March and then Hot Surfaces in June of 2011, Electric Band Marzipan is finally ready for their first appearances in front of a wider audience. No longer just a creation for self-satisfaction and to break away from the mainstream, Electric Band Marzipan is now about spreading their own brand of Funky Jazz for the Soul to everyone in need of some soul.

Everyone needs some goddamn soul.

The third album, Clocks on Fire, is a tour de force in creating a new sound: futurehop. Filled with wild rhythms, many different instruments, and more atmosphere than ever, this is instrumental hip hop from a futuristic world filled with both darkness and beauty.

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