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The Cinematic Orchestra - Entr'acte & Manhatta (singles, 2011)

The Cinematic Orchestra release 'Entr'acte' & 'Manhatta'

Posted on (13.09.11)

Debuting in 2010 with a live score at London's Roundhouse, Entr'acte and Manhatta are two films made in the same era as Man With A Movie Camera, showing the world in the 1920's from three distinct cultures. The Man With A Movie Camera score in 2003 was a landmark release for The Cinematic Orchestra, the most critically acclaimed of all the attempts at scoring the film. It is with some fanfare that two new soundtracks along with the film footage are to be released on the Ninjashop and iTunes...

Entr'acte (1924) is Rene Clair's Dada-influenced 20-minute short, commissioned for the interval of Francis Picabia's new ballet, Relache, in Paris in 1924. The original music for the film was composed by the famous composer Erik Satie, who makes a cameo appearance along side surrealist photographer Man Ray.

Manhatta (1921) is a short 11-minute documentary film made by painter Charles Sheeler and photographer Paul Strand. The film consists of 65 shots sequenced in a non-narrative structure, providing a view of the city in its formative years.

Buy Entr'acte at the Ninjashop

Download on iTunes

Buy Manhatta at the Ninjashop

Download on iTunes

The Cinematic Orchestra have also now sold out 'InMotion' at London's Barbican on 1st October. Continuing the on-going live event curated by the band, a selection of films will be given original live scores. As well as their own performance, The Cinematic Orchestra have invited Dorian Concept and Tom Chant, Grey Reverend and Austin Peralta to perform exclusive scores to hand picked short films.

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