Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smoove + Turrell - Antique Soul (2009)

Antique: valuable because of its beauty or rarity; out of fashion and belonging to or lasting from times long ago

Soul: deep feeling or emotion; the human embodiment of something

Raw and retro with a rich deep story-telling vein Smoove & Turrell release their emotional debut album, “Antique Soul”. Opening a different musical door, its “old dusty feel mixed with fresh contemporary edges” delivers eleven songs that grow on the listener with every play. This unpretentious debut is already bending the ears of Radio 6’s funk afficionado and occasional hellraiser, Craig Charles, who has written the album’s sleevenotes.

From the home of label mates Kraak & Smaak, geordie partnership Smoove & Turrell combine live music with the latest technology to create a set that’s timeless in its appeal. From fat funk rippling over ace beats and breaks, Northern soul to stomping 60’s sounding jams, this picturesque album plugs in 2009 for another great year of new music. Great songs swinging over a new funk breeze; there’s shades of Mark Ronson, soul loving Modfather Paul Weller and early story-telling Bowie circa “London Boys” mixed up with the last four decades of breaks and beats.

'Sure to be one of the best albums of 2009 - This should be the future of Soul music in my book!' - DJ Andy Smith

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