Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jukka Eskola - Walkover (2009)

Wonderful work from trumpeter Jukka Eskola -- a set that's every bit as hip and jazzy as his work with the Five Corners Quintet! The sound here is different, though, as the core group features some sweet Fender Rhodes alongside Jukka's soulful trumpet lines, a blend that's somewhere in the territory of Freddie Hubbard in the 70s on CTI, and which is a wonderful setting for Jukka's talents! The tunes are nice and lean, lots of rhythmic energy, sometimes modal, sometimes funky, and the Rhodes makes for some occasional spacey moments that are a nice change from usual, proof that Eskola can handle other styles than just the tight modal jazz and soulbop that he's usually known for. Some tracks feature occasional added instrumentation too, baritone and flute from Timo Lassy, plus tenor, trombone, and even some occasional strings. Teddy Rok produced, so you know the sound is great, and titles include "First Time", "Jova", "Dark Corner", "Double Time", "Teddy's Stretch", "El Aedaps", and "Chip N Charge"

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