Tuesday, January 5, 2010

S Tone Inc - Moon in Libra (2009)

Great grooves from S-Tone -- the best album so far from Stefano Tirone, thanks to a range of great singers and musicians on the set! There's a warmly acoustic vibe here -- one that's rooted in bossa, but which also has some of the club jazz elements you'd expect from Schema Records -- a mix of live instrumentation and a few rhythm programs -- blended together beautifully with impeccable production that gives the whole record an "instant classic" sort of feel! Horn parts bring in a depth of feeling that we've never heard before on an S-Tone record -- and the singers really open things up too -- adding layers of soul that further expand the warmth at the core of the compositions, taking the music into some really bold territory. Only about half the tracks have vocals -- from singers who include Angie Brown, Rosalia De Souza, Laura Fedele, Daniel Richards, Kai Dos Santos, and Adi Souza -- and titles include "Universe Of Love", "Ponta Da Pedra", "Lua E Xango", "Stormy (bossa mix)", "Copacabana Soul", "Queen Of The Night", "Better Than A Lie", "Dona Lua", and "My Only Man".

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