Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mama!Milk - Fragnance of Notes (2008)

Sound that stops the moment and makes you wonder

mama!milk is by accordion player Yuko Ikoma and ContrabassKosuke Shimizu, they're based in the old city Kyoto and has beendoing a live at art museums, theater, cafe and even at a temple.
Their music are like a flame at the fireplace, burning quietly but not silently and burn the heart of people who listen to it. It's been a while since I have been facinated by their music.

Their new album 『Fragrance of Notes was released this summer after five years, the album is made with artists Tsutomu Kurihara (drums), Takeo Tohyama (piano) and also Gak Sato (Theremin) who worked at Right Tempo for more than 10years, and a lso Yuichi Ito (flute/trombone) as guest players.
The 14tracks or should I say 14piece of poems are like a picture scroll which will bring back some old and sweet memories. It reminded me a film the romantic three piece made by movie director Seijun Suzuki, this album is a masterpiece.

The sexy and beautiful sound of accordion will cross by to the cool contrabass as if it is trying to seduce and other instruments were smiling to hear that eroticism in that sound and fit in as well.Inner ecstasy comes out from that crossing and continues to stay regardless of time.

Text by Toshio Matsuura (Openers)

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Once again TwistedJazz would like to thank Gilles Peterson and JAZZZIN for this. Opened our eyes into something magical yet again..

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