Friday, February 6, 2009

Bohren und der Club of Gore

Founding BOHREN - members Thorsten Benning (Drums) Robin Rodenberg (Bass) Reiner Henseleit (Guitar), Morten Gass(Guitar/Piano) started playing music together in 1988 . They were friends from school and they shared a common taste for all kinds of extreme music like Grindcore, Hardcore, Death- or Doom Metal. Driven by the idea of a more unique style of music, they formed BOHREN (german word for drilling) in 1992 to play, as they called it, „ doom ridden jazz music“.
In autumn 2008 the new BOHREN-CD DOLORES appears on the belgian label PIAS. “With DOLORES Bohren’s habit of making music which often makes the listener feel like he or she is stuck in some dark room in which the oxygen is slowly and mercilessly being extracted has changed.When listening to DOLORES, listeners are sure to get feeling that – after all these years – the shutters are being raised, the windows thrown open, fresh air and sunlight are flooding into the room. Quite by chance, the most natural thing in the world, cool, crisp and brazen.”

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