Friday, March 14, 2014

The Eminent Stars - Sittin' In (2014)

Music is the depth of the soul and we ain't talking about some figurative spirit that escapes to heaven when we kiss our last breath goodbye. Nah man, this the deep soul of music that triggers the feet to keep moving. It is the soul that swings survival, get down boogie good times, cause these times, keep getting heavy!
The Eminent Stars, founders saxophonist Ben Mendes and drummer Toon Oomen love the feel of Dr. John, Freddie King and The Meters. The musical energy that emerged like lightening from cities like New Orleans during the 60's/70's. After various get downs and musical happenings, the two planned to record a session with some great musician friends. Tracks were layed out and etched in, live. All in one dusty old room with some vintage equipment to capture the sounds of an old but not forgotten groove. Joined by American singer-songwriter Bruce James and vocalists such as Imelda, Lana Gordon and Steffen Morrison make the Eminent Stars complete.

When the rains flood and the levees eventually break. When hell's fire is doused by the pouring down of the heavens. The only thing left to guide your way in the darkness will be the Eminent Stars.
The Eminent Stars are:
  • Toon Oomen - drums, percussion and guitars
  • Ben Mendes - saxophones, producer and recording engineer
  • Mischa den Haring - guitars
  • Andert Tijsma - bass
  • Dirk Beets - trumpet

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Ben Mendes said...

Wonderful you guys are paying attention to our first LP! Thanks again!