Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lay Far - So Many Ways (2013)

Several years in the making, “So Many Ways” is the artistic manifestation of one’s own freedom, the attempt to reflect the diversity of the world around us, the countless opportunities, scenarios and creative means we all have. It’s a breath-taking soulful journey, where uplifting house tracks (Let Me Fly Away, A Little Faith, Can’t Help It) interchange with serious political messages (Stand Up), romantic dance ballads (Summer Vacation, A Piece of Devotion, So Many Years), infectious jazzy grooves (Yes You Can, When I’m Seeing You), introspective bangers (That Dream, We Are the Drum) and ironic interludes, making fun of trends and consumerism culture. Drawing his influences from mid 70’s jazz and funk, Brazilian fusion, electroacoustic music, afrobeat, soul, hip-hop and mixing them together in a very unique, mysterious manner (like only Russians can do), Lay-Far managed to create a comprehensive, multi- layered piece of work, which is sure to satisfy the trinity of body, mind and spirit! Essential listening for the fans of warm, analogue, organic and deep sound!

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