Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ian O'Brien - Understanding is Everything (2013)

" In so far as an instrumental record can, this work represents my resolute opposition to war and violence of any nature. Despite the sometimes disturbing world we live in, I continue to dream of World Peace and co-operation between people and nations no matter how absurd that may sound, or how far we may be from that place and time. One day, the day will come when all wars and conflicts will end - the day the last person says "no more."
This album is simply my dream of that day." (Ian O'Brien)
 A cosmic batch of keyboards from Ian O'Brien – including Fender Rhodes, Arp, moog, and more – served up in a sweet instrumental set that's got plenty of echoes from the best spacey scene of the 70s! Ian covers work by both Herbie Hancock and Lonnie Liston-Smith on the set – which will give you an idea of the righteous quality to the music – tunes that have a really rich, soulful vibe – one that's even different from O'Brien's earlier music, and which reflect a growing sense of social responsibility on this planet! The album's the sort that will have lots of new ears loving Ian's music – including our own – and titles include "Spiraling Prism", "The Explanation", "The Hexagon Of The Heavens", "Love Beams", "My Dreams Of Peace", and "Faded Memories".  © 1996-2013, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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