Friday, November 15, 2013

The Fontanelles - Horns of Freedom (2013)

The Fontanelles are the newest signings to First Word Records. Originally formed to be the onstage band for the London run of Fela! The Musical, the band’s natural chemistry was such that they instinctively continued performing together when the show ended. They took the energy of the stage show and started working on original material, adding reggae, ethio-jazzand ska influences to the afrobeat source. The Fontanelles sound is truly their own, with their incandescent live shows a focal point for their unique energy as a band.
Their debut album takes in everything that defines The Fontanelles’ distinct sound. There’s uptempo Afrobeat thumpers (Gaia’s Revenge, the seismic Afrocat and recent single Criminality), mid-tempo dub groovers (Pinprick & Project 31) and the band’s unique take on lo-slung funk (The Wave).

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