Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fox Capture Plan - Trinity (2013)

FOX CAPTURE PLAN - A killer debut from an ultra-cool trio – a group that features members of Jabberloop and Immigrant's Bossa Band – and who work here in a core Japanese club jazz style that's somewhere between the work of Quasimode and Indigo Jam Unit – but a lot more stripped-down than both! Most tracks just feature live drums, piano, and acoustic bass – working at a pace that's highly rhythmic, and very hard-driving – yet with a freedom and lyrical grace that's way more jazz than club! Ryo Kishimoto's piano lines are filled with fire, but still stick strongly to the groove – creating these elliptical patterns that are really wonderful, and completely hypnotic all the way through. 

Most tracks are original – save for a cool cover of "Wonderwall" – and titles include "Dark Matter", "White Ambience", "Reincarnation", "Polynity", "Exceed The Limit", and "Good Night".  © 1996-2013, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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