Monday, December 19, 2011

The Baker Brothers - Time to Testify (2011)

The Baker Brothers are back with Time To Testify, their first studio album since their covers project, Avid Sounds. So how does this latest project shape up? Well, from the opening instrumental, Statement of Intent, you get the feeling that this album is going to be slightly edgier than both Avid Sounds and its predecessor, Transition Transmission. Their sound has developed considerably since their debut album filled with edgy, hard hitting funk instrumentals. Subsequent releases have seen the band introduce vocals, initially from guests, and more recently performing vocal duties themselves, and the sound had gradually evolved, with soul and AOR influences creeping in to their song-writing. The line up has also changed, with one of the brothers leaving the original trio and the overall line-up being expanded to five members. With its fifteen tracks including a mix of songs, instrumentals, rock, funk and soul stylings, Time To Testify is an altogether solid album, and possibly their strongest release since Baker's Dozen.

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