Monday, August 1, 2011

Omar - Sing (If You Want It) [2011]

One of TWISTED JAZZ absolute fav artists gets a TruThoughts treatment

of a modern lost classic!!!

Omar’s ‘Sing (If You Want It)’ album – featuring collaborators including Stevie Wonder, Estelle, Common and Angie Stone – released by Tru Thoughts on 18th July 2011 with the addition of two new bonus tracks

Omar’s sixth album, ‘Sing (If You Want It)’ is a bona fide soul classic and was all set to tip the UK soul sensation into the pop-star realm, once and for all, on its release in 2005. However, a series of setbacks – not least the sudden collapse of the record label involved, a week after release – severely dented its chances of breakthrough success. Hardly a flop, it impressively still sold over 50,000 copies, but as Tru Thoughts A&R and long-time Omar fan Robert Luis says, “it was so heavily anticipated, and with collabs from the likes of Stevie Wonder…well, everyone knew it could have sold ten times that”.

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