Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Speedometer - The Shakedown (2010)

Speedometer, one of the most successful UK funk & soul bands of the last decade, attain the next level of their musical ascendancy with the release this brand new studio album on Freestyle Records.

Having spearheaded the resurgence in deep, gritty funk and soul for 10 years, as well as working with Eddie Bo, Marva Whitney, Sharon Jones, Billy Wooten, and Sir Joe Quarterman amongst a list of many musical legends, and selling out tours of Europe and the Far East as well as a string of authentically rootsy albums and singles, this is the album where all that experience and hard work reaches its deeply soulful zenith!

The Shakedown marks a step change in the groups sound and style, featuring more vocal led songs, a wider musical horizon, the vocals of regular Speedometer vocalist Ria Currie and very special guests Myles Sanko, Natasha Watts, The Stilhouettes and former James Brown singer, Martha High!

The Shakedown is without doubt the strongest, most varied & accomplished Speedometer album to date, brimming with soul, beautiful songs and that unrelenting, deep groove that Leigh Gracie and the gang do so well!


Speedometer - The Shakedown by Freestyle Records

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