Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eric Truffaz - In Between (Blue Note, 2010)

Swiss trumpet player Erik Truffaz has hooked up with his former musical accomplices to turn out a dark, melancholy album, In Between. His trumpet soars through the sound of rigged keyboards and accompanies the voice of singer Sophie Hunger.
After three years and three albums springing from some fruitful partnerships (Benares, Paris and Mexico), Erik Truffaz has gone back to his old quartet. Close friend BenoĆ®t Corboz has taken up the keyboards formerly played by Patrick Muller, and brought his rigged Hammond organ and his Rhodes piano into the studio. Sophie Hunger, one of Erik’s Swiss compatriots, joined the musicians to record one of the compositions, Let me go! and a cover version of an obscure Bob Dylan number, Dirge.
In Between is in constant oscillation – flitting from past to present, joy to sadness, life to death.

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