Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rory Moore - Looking for Lazlo (2014)

Electric organist Rory More is still the one-stop shop for melody-intense grooves, dusty oscillations and liltingly hip lounge pop vocal excursions. It began with the ├╝ber organtastic loungsters Les Hommes - the retro moderne jazz exotica trio who swung their way around much of Europe in the early 2000s. Still ensconced within a uniquely niched jazz pop panoramica, and after a decade of solidly collectible 12s and 45s, Rory More's curiously seductive and unapologetically magical mondo moods have maintained his profile at medium-cool status.

Rory More's new long player Looking for Lazlo is a concept album of sorts with motifs recurring and ebbing, plundering a lush dynamic array of tonalities and mood vibrations, taking the electric organist out from behind his console to incorporate sweeping soulful strings, rare electronica, orchestral tempos, the pop-noir tones of Gemma Ray and the arcadian lyricism of Brit folk discovery Anna Sheard. From the soaring swing of the Main Title, the harmony-laden lament of Lost To The Blue, the other-worldly exotica of Misty Atoll to the out-there harp of Free At Last... Lazlo, whoever he thinks himself to be, is fearlessly adrift amongst it all...

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