Sunday, January 5, 2014

Indigo Jam Unit - Milestone (2013)


Regular Twisted Jazz readers know our obsession with this incredible band very well.  They also know that apart from few exceptions we do not write our own reviews for a number of reasons (first and foremost because these days it's pointless to describe when you can post a a track or stream the whole album and let the reader decide what it sounds like). Indigo Jam Unit is this kind of band which you can't do otherwise than write, speak, hum and let as many as you can into their magnificent world. All the energy and melodic hooks which became the staple sound through the last years are back as this record 'threatens' to become their ultimate signature, career defining "Milestone" album. 
Playful (Hunt), urban struttin' (Milestone), dreamy (Corazon), plain beautiful (Shiosai), adventurous (Zeus) and even romantic (Widescreen Rain), Milestone has arrived just at the end of the year (the overly prolific band releases an album - or two - almost every year since 2006!) to remind everyone that the japanese club  jazz scene is alive and kicking (see also previous post).

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