Sunday, June 16, 2013

Frisina/Bonizzoni - Voices of the jungle/Orient ep (2013)

This EP tells the story of an encounter between two jazz lovers and record collectors, two producers with different stories and approach to music creation.
Gerardo, whose contributions to italian jazz scene went far beyond Italy's border, needs no introduction to Schema's fans. Maurizio Bonizzoni hails from a tremendous hip hop background - under the name of Skizo, he literally paved the way for the develop of italian hip hop culture founding in 1984 "Radical Stuff", the first italian hip hop group and producing artists and crews like Genta Guasta, Frankie Hi-Nrg and Alien Army just to name a few.

The two producers met on the shared love for jazz and "real" music.
Respecting this vision, the music we present here represents the producers' ideal blend of electronic, music played by real musicians and a refined used of samples. After a prolific studio session where they started working on some ideas, the EP had been mixed and mastered at Schema's Blue Spirit studio.
"Voices Of The Jungle" recalls Gerardo's trademark sound, a perfect mix of Afro-Cuban influences and 4/4 House rhythm ideally set in a true jungle where percussions, vocals and piano make you lose direction.
"Orient" reflects a taste for exotic atmospheres, mystery and adventure. The mood is slightly melancholic and evocative, with a catchy groove

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