Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hundred Strong & Joseph Malij - All Ain't The Same (2013)

All Ain't The Same is a collaboration between Bristol producer Ben Dubuisson, AKA Hundred Strong, and Glasgow singer/songwriter Joseph Malik. Having recorded the title track, All Ain't The Same, for previous label Altered Vibes some seven years previously, the full length collaboration has been some time in the making. However, it was only a chance conversation early in 2012 between Dubuisson and Malik that led to an exchange of ideas and the completion of the long vaunted project.
Working from his basement studio in central Bristol, Dubuisson sent instrumental files to Malik who drew upon his years of musical and life experiences to create a soulful yet cutting sound. 
The process was then completed with the addition of live musicians, including Kasbian trumpeter Gary Alesbrook and long time Hundred Strong hammond player Evan Newman. Finally, Dubuisson introduced Malik to fellow Glasgow singer Louise Berry, AKA Lou Angel, who was brought in as backing singer. Through their vocal collaborations a relationship developed which resulted in them getting together outside of the studio. Is there strength in numbers? In this case the collaboration of Hundred Strong and Joseph Malik proves there is.
The single, All Ain't The Same, was featured on Giles Peterson's Worldwide BBC radio show several weeks running, and previous single, Dream On Delay, featuring Alison Crockett was nominated for Giles Peterson's Worldwide end of year awards show.

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