Wednesday, October 3, 2012

De Phazz - Audio Elastique (2012)

The freedom of jazz and pop are the ease of the two defining elements of Dephazz. On audio Elastique, the ninth album, there are swinging sound collages between chanson ("Men, the trophies kiss," "Not Sally"), Smash-bits ("The Ball Is My Friend") and classic jazz ("Prelude"). Electro-organic is probably the most apt description for the sound of the 16 songs on audio lastique, coined by Pit Baumgartner's distinctive mode of production: Cut & Glue - audio splitter to cut out from their usual musical environment and stick on another site. Through various filters, effects and audio-rotation yields the elastic atmosphere, sometimes close to the radio play. However, whenever the singer Pat Appleton appear, Karl Frierson, Barbara Lahr or Sandie Wollasch to compress the audio components to groovy jazz or pop rolling. 

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