Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cecilia Stalin - Step Like A Giant (2012)

A massive return to form from Cecilia Stalin – and proof that she's got way more to offer than just some amazing vocals! The set's not just great on the vocal tip, but also in terms of the arrangements, too – a 21st Century recasting of jazz modes, criss-crossed with the best bits of the European underground – served up with a vibe that's especially heavy on London flavors, too! Music crackles right from the start – and Cecilia wrote and arranged the whole set herself, while also singing these beautiful lyrics that blend old school vocalese with contemporary soul – the kind of groove that we first loved when we discovered her singing with Koop about a decade ago – but even more focused and mature here! The set features a few great remakes – "Step Like A Giant", "Afro Blue (Roots)", and "Favorite Things" – all showing her love of John Coltrane – plus the tracks "Cinematic Favorite", "Quinox", "Aisha", "One", "Shining Star", "So Blue & Green", and "My Naima".  


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