Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Michelle Amador - Higher (2009)

With an extensive background in jazz, singer/songwriter and composer Michelle Amador’s serene voice has been featured on a number of compilations throughout the years such as Yellowtail’s “Grand & Putnam”, Phuturistix’ “Rainbow Soul”, and Red Bull’s “Various Assets”. It was at the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome, the annual music symposium now famous for bringing together top global talent, where she met UK nujazz/dubstep producer Dave Jones aka Zed Bias – as a result, the concept of the album “Higher” was born. While still at the academy, Michelle and Mr. Bias created the track “In & Out” which included fellow artists Graeme Blevins, DJ Eurok, and Om’ Mas Keith from Sa-Ra Creative Partners. From there, the recording continued in Bias’ Manchester studio with a host of incredible live musicians.

One of the songs recorded titled “Because of You”, and also on the album, became a smash hit and favorite among DJs, top class tastemakers, and was then released as a single which featured remixes by the world famous Osunlade & Atjazz. “Higher” is a strong follow-up to the huge single, and definitely shows that Michelle’s lush vocals and insightful lyrics laced over the Zed’s production work are a perfect match.

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