Saturday, February 20, 2010

Akiko - What's Jazz: Style (2008)

Akiko's tribute to the "style" of jazz - soon followed by her "spirit" set - and a package that has far more substance than you might expect! The work's got a cool, classy sort of feel - older jazz modes handled with small group instrumentation that either features piano or organ in the lead, occasionally with a bit of horns, but usually just trio or quartet grooving behind Akiko's slinky vocals! The tunes are a mix of compelling covers and some even more surprising originals by Akiko - self-penned tunes that really stand out in the set, and make us love her talents even more than when she's just going for older American modes. Titles include "When Life Is Over", "Love Theme From Spartacus", "Ladies Love Mercedes", "Come Together", "Madly", and "What's Jazz".

Love Theme From Spartacus
- Ladies Love Mercedes - Introducing How High The Moon

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