Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mother Earth Discography

Mother Earth - Stoned Woman

Year released:1992 (30/04/1992)
The first Mother Earth LP.Featuring
Shauna Greene on lead vocals

Mother Earth - The People Tree

Year released: 1994 (21/02/1994)
Recorded at Peter Garbiels Real World studio
Acid Jazz studios

Mother Earth - You Have Beeb Watching

Year released:1995 (16/05/1995)
Includes a cover version of the Small Faces
song "Wham Bam Thank You Mam"

Mother Earth - The Desired Effect

Year released: 1996 (27/05/1996)
Live album recorded in Europe between
September and Octomber 1995

Mother Earth - Riot On 103rd Srteet

Year released:1998 (12/10/1998)
Compilation album that contains all the tracks
from the Mr. Freedom EP. Also includes a cover
version of Curtis Mayfields 'We're A Winner'

Mother Earth - Time Of The Future

Year released:2001 (02/04/2001)
Compilation album that includes all the tracks
from the 'Freethinker EP'
Also contains cover versions of 'Small Faces &
Curtis Mayfield' song


Hope You're Feeling Better 1993
Mr. Freedom EP 1993
Grown Your Own EP 1993
Find It 1993
Jesse 1994
Jesse Line EP 1994
Institution Man 1994
Freethinker EP 1995
(Never Gonna Get) To War 1995
Compare Yourself 1996

Matt Deighton: Lead Vocals & Guitars
Bryn Barklam: Hammond Organ Piano & Fender Rhodes
Neil Corcolan: Bass
Chris White: Drums & Percussion

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