Sunday, December 28, 2008

Alice Russell - Pot of Gold (2008)

New album from Alice Russell, one of UK's hottest singers!! She's recorded with the likes of Massive Attack, Mr. Scruff, The Nextmen and Quantic and performed live with The Roots and Quantic Soul Orchestra. Produced by long time collaborator, co-writer and band mate TM Juke, Pot of Gold mixes elements of classic Soul, Jazz, Funk, Rock and Blues into an irresistible concoction that will appeal to her many existing fans while reaching out to new audiences looking for the next "distinctive voice" on the music scene!! Couldn´t wait for her return!!

Text from Do Velho Ao Novo blog

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TwistedJazz fav did it again! High ranked in our best of 2008 list...of course!

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