Friday, November 21, 2008

Quasimode - Sounds of Peace (2008)

Japan's finest and TwistedJazz favourites return with another smash in 2008

A deeper sound than usual for Quasimode -- and that's saying a lot, given their previous albums! There's a fullness here that's really amazing -- a further extension of their already righteous approach to jazzy grooves, into territory that's even more mindblowing, soul-searching, and perfectly played! As before, there's lots of upbeat acoustic rhythms on the set -- club jazz, but not of the fake variety -- topped with searing horn work that includes guest performances from members of Sleep Walker, Soil & Pimp, and Jazz Collective! But almost even better are the few vocal cuts -- featuring either Dwight Trible or Carmen Lundy -- both singers we totally love from a classic jazz perspective, sounding even more wonderful here in the company of Quasimode. The whole thing's great -- an album we'd stack proudly next to our older favorites on Impulse or Strata East -- and titles include "Take The New Frontiers", "Finger Tip", "Young Black Horse", "One Possibility", "Rumble In The Jungle", "Midnight Flower", and "Sound Of Peace". © 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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