Thursday, October 30, 2008

Part Time Heroes - Meanwhile (2008)

The first full album from Part Time Heroes -- a group who've done some remixes and singles over the past few years, but who really step forward strongly with this set! There's a depth here we never would have guessed from their clever cuts before -- a fuller, richer sound that draws from jazzy roots, but also inflects them with some soundtrack-like influences too -- putting things together in a careful blend of acoustic instrumentation and electric elements -- often with a warm feel that's strongly soulful. Keyboards really shine on the set -- there's a lot of Rhodes here -- but there's also work on trumpet, flute, and tenor that stands out too -- not used in straight jazz ways, but to inflect some organic colors on the tunes. Vocals are by Laura Vane, Jono McCleery, Liane Carroll, and Bridgette Amofah -- but a few of the tracks are instrumental too. Titles include "Stop Fade Blur", "Realise", "Shadowlands", "Sun Will Shine", "Method", "What's The Noise/What It Could Be", "In My Soul", and "Angels Fly".
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